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We have massive challenges in healthcare, climate change, we need big solutions from entrepreneurs. We also need collaboration from a global scale across disciplines...we need much better tools to assess the value of impact. This new initiative will help to address many of these questions....it is so timely, it is so important, and thank you to all of you to making this happen.

Professor Chas Bountry, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of University of Oxford.

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Welcome to OxValue.AI

Who We Are

OxValue.AI utilizes data and AI technology to evaluate the monetary value of technology or technology-rich startup companies to achieve its core goals of supporting innovation and SMEs and facilitating technology transfer to developing countries. Core to the OxValue.AI methodology is the VEST (Valuation of Early Stage Technology) Tool, which leverages a number of variables including patent data, developed within the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) at the Department for International Development of the University of Oxford. OxValue.AI engages unique cutting-edge technologies to determine the financial value of technology (before or post-patent award), delivering a game-changing approach which will provide an objective, accurate, affordable and accessible decision-making tool for both the investor and inventor communities.




Our Services

OxValue.AI proudly presents a widely accepted and accredited tool to help our clients to value technology in a manner that is fair and transparent to both parties. The tool provides a useful new approach to the appraisal of technology, and an important guide for decision-making in technology investment, transfer and commercialisation. By combining this with the latest AI technology, we provide a wide range of services to our clients.

  • Valuation services
  • Consultation services (including both pre-valuation and post-valuation consultation)
  • Valuation + Consultation services
  • Valuation + Training services (Joint product with Big Innovation Centre)


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